How we loan cash!

OK. I'm interested, so how do I get the cash I need?

  1. Bring your car and requested documentation in for a fast inspection and appraisal! We can provide you with only a very rough estimate of your maximum loan amount over the phone based upon YOUR estimated condition of your vehicle, stated mileage, age, etc. Note: Your loan amount is primarily based upon the value of your vehicle. Title pawn is collateral-based lending, while traditional or "prime" lending is credit-based lending. We never check your credit, but we absolutely must assess the value and condition of your vehicle to arrive at a maximum loan amount. Yes, we do loan on older vehicles and classics in good condition, even with high mileage!
      • Cars & Trucks
      • Boats & Jet Skis
      • Commercial Vehicles, Luxury Cars & Motorcycles
    1. Get a loan amount determination for up to 100% of the appraised value of your vehicle**. **Based on our appraisal
    2. We agree on the terms of your loan (rate) based upon based upon the value of your vehicle, your ability to repay, the loan-to-value ratio (LTV), and any promotions and incentives that we are currently offering.
    3. We become the lienholder on your title (just as in traditional bank financing), and you drive away with your loan proceeds and YOUR CAR in a matter of minutes! Solve your cash flow problems in minutes with NO CREDIT CHECK! You get the cash you need, and you get to keep your car -- a "no brainer!" In a time of need, do not even contemplate selling your vehicle at a below-market price for quick cash and still wind up with no transportation! Call us first!

770-984-0522 or 404-305-CASH

What happens after that?

    1. You either make your first payment within 30 days of the loan (roll-over) or you pay off your loan and get your title back right away!
    2. You keep your vehicle and continue to use it!
    3. Don't be nervous! Call us today and let us alleviate your concerns - 770-984-0522 or 404-305-CASH!

Maximum Value for Vehicle

Emergency Title Loan provides title loans (pawns) at the best value for our customers' vehicles. Emergency Title Loan will advance cash to you up to 100% of the appraised value of your vehicle.

Lowest Rates in Industry

Emergency Title Loan has the lowest interest rate offered in Metro Atlanta. Find a better deal, Emergency Title Loan will beat any competitor’s rate. Ask about our 30-day interest-free option!

No Credit Check

Emergency Title Loan Title does not check your credit when you get an advance or affect your credit score if you default. Allowing you to get the cash you need without affecting your credit rating can be a huge plus if you have a marginal credit score.

High Customer Satisfaction Level

Most of Emergency Title Loan's customers are referred to us by a customer or are repeat customers. Repeat customers are those customers who received a cash advance with their title loans (pawns), repaid their account balance then returned back at a later date to get another cash advance.

770-984-0522 or 404-305-CASH